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5.7% ABV; A light golden ale with tangerine and baie rose berries. Medium/light body with floral, berry and citrus in nose and favor  *Allergen Note!-Contains Lactose*

7% ABV; Hefeweizen (pronounced HEF-a-VY-zen) is a South German-style wheat beer, famous for its silky character, crisp finish and hazy appearance. The Bavarian yeast used in this refreshing classic style gives notes of Banana and Cloves. Prost! 

A Collaboration with A Bit Twisted Brew Pub.

5.1% ABV; A Kottbusser is a Northern German Style of beer that was outlawed by the German Beer Purity law (Reinheitsgebot) and lost to history. We started with this traditional wheat and oat beer and twisted  it a bit. By adding Strawberry and Cinnamon honey and molasses. It turned out drinkable and  sweet. With Sweet molasses and strawberry up front and a crisp cinnamon finish.

10% ABV; Major tropical, melon and stone fruit aromas and flavors along with a soft and fluffy backbone. Moderate bitterness considering the amount of fantastic hops that were added.  

4% ABV: Light, Crisp and Refreshing. A light tart and fruity thirst quenching seltzer.

6.8% ABV; Our first version of a new age West Coast Style IPA. A clear and crisp malt bill to help the hops shine. This version has aromas of cannabis and berry. The flavor starts with a pleasant bitterness and light dank, pine, and berry flavors. With a fruity and dank finish.


White Wine

Red Wine